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For these projects I was working as a Cinematic Game Designer, mainly involved in the use and repurposing of motion captured data for body and face, as well as narrative delivery in both multiplayer and singleplayer experiences. I have been able to showcase my ability within these projects to craft unique experiences with a wide variety of characters and locales. Throughout these projects I have developed on these teams as a Designer that is able to train new members of the team in tools and best practices. All of these projects are commercially available right now.


I had the opportunity whilst at university to work on some projects as a Narrative Designer. I was able to investigate branching narratives and how that impacts overall storytelling within these projects. I was able to work on both a solo project and with a small team to see what the constraints can be to narrative delivery depending on the size of the team. Though not commercially available, both of these projects can be played through the links here.

3D Artist

During university I had the opportunity to work on a 3D Art project. I used this project to work on two things that really inspired me from both an artistic and design perspective. Although the project was graded on the artistic qualities of the finishe work, I was able to work with my design sensibilities to create a space that would work in a Social-RPG similar to that of Persona.

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