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Currently located in Guildford, UK. Willing to relocate.

Personal Summary

A motivated, teamwork-driven designer with a detail-oriented mindset. Highly proficient in narrative delivery through design and engaging content. Always looking to take a project to the next level, employing both creative and absolute solutions to complex issues, constantly absorbing information and solutions from the surrounding team. Capable of both working with directors to achieve a vision and training new team members in best practice. Always looking to learn new and valuable skills to improve as a designer.

Technical Skills

  • Games Design

  • Unreal Engine 4 and Visual Scripting

  • Basic to Intermediate C#

  • Unity3D

  • Full Microsoft Office Suite

  • Cinematics and Narrative

  • Intermediate Adobe Suite

  • articy:draft 3

  • In-Engine Cameras

  • Written English


Supermassive Games: Game Designer

(2019- Current)

  • Design – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, House of Ashes, and The Quarry

    • Working with and repurposing motion-captured facial, audio, and body data, including cutting edge facial capture technology.

    • Game-wide design implementation, testing, and prototyping.

    • Narrative choice systems, logic, and implementation.

    • Visualisation, blockout, and implementation of direction for level and sequences.

    • Cinematic design, character and world consistency, gameplay logic.

    • Documentation, organisation, and cross-discipline communication.

    • Proprietary tool development and design, collaborating with a dedicated code team.

    • Training new team members in bespoke tools, systems, and studio-wide styles.

    • Fleshing out and designing around written script, converting into cinematics, exploration, and other gameplay elements.

International Hobo: Intern


  • Narrative Support Team Lead – Shadows: Awakening

    • In-game lore

    • Flavour text 

    • Quality assurance

    • Organisation

    • Work log management

Blue Beck: External QA


  • Quality Assurance – Spinz, Sky Racerz

    • Functional testing 

    • User experience

    • Critical feedback

    • Focus groups 

    • Technical testing


BSc (Hons) in Games Design from University of Bolton


  • First Class Degree with Honours.

  • Capstone Project: Narrative Designer for “Llama Noire”.

    • Working with branching narratives to deliver unique, compelling, interactive storytelling.

  • Course Representative (2016 - 2019).

  • School Representative (2018 - 2019).

  • Student Validation Panel (2018 – 2019).

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