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Llama Noire

I was the Narrative Designer and Writer for Llama Noire, a project made as a part of a small team, where I was focused on branching narratives, the emotions of play, and player choice. The project was designed to deliver unique, compelling, interactive storytelling. Below, you can watch a prototype video that was produced early in the project's development.

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unity

Tools Used: articy:draft 3, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Bitmap2Material, Photoshop

This noir detective game was made by a team of 5 (2 artists, 1 programmer, 2 designers) over the course of two semesters whilst I was studying in University.

Set in a world inhabited by llamas, the detective son of a revered politician must search through the mobs that plague his city, in search of his father's killer. How it ends is up to the player.

Responsibilities: Writing, Narrative System Implementation, Character Bios, Narrative Design, Cinematic Design.

You can read a research paper that I wrote, called the Illusion of Choice, which helped to determine my design choices on this project here.

You can also read the dissertation paper written as an analysis of this project here.

Below, you can see the overall progress of the project from this initial prototype. Highlighted are examples of my work on environmental storytelling, cutscenes, branching dialogues and worldbuilding.

You are able to download the game here and play. Please enjoy.

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